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Promoting New Mexico's economic growth through focused advocacy of economic development issues and providing networking, professional development, education, and training opportunities for its members.


NM IDEA advances the profession of economic development in New Mexico by:

  • Providing a forum for the interchange of ideas and stimulating cooperation among its members.

  • Disseminating information on the most recent practices and techniques in economic development.

  • Establishing, maintaining, and communicating a code of ethics.

  • Assisting the NM Legislature, as well as local governments, with formulating economic development policies.

  • Upgrading skills and knowledge needed for success in the economic development field.

NM IDEA Board of Directors

2023 Executive Board

Leo Baca, President

Cassie Arias, President Elect

Richard Anklam, Treasurer

Melinda Allen, Secretary

Raymond Mondragon, Past President

District Directors

I      Eileen Yarborough

II     Pat Duran

III    Mary Homan

IV    Pat Vanderpool

V     Cassie Arias

VI    Tina Dziuk

VII   Davin Lopez

At-Large Directors

Leo Baca

Danielle Casey

Raymond Mondragon

Richard Anklam

Warren Unsicker

Therese Rivera

Kristen Gamboa

Mike Espiritu

Eric Montgomery

Jennifer Grassham

Ex-Officio Directors

Melinda Allen

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