NM IDEA is committed to improving New Mexico's business climate to encourage job creation and investment in our communities.

NM IDEA supports funding the New Mexico Partnership at $3 million annually.
NM IDEA supports policies that create a favorable tax climate for manufacturing businesses and incentivize capital investment in New Mexico communities.
NM IDEA supports the creation of a comprehensive certified sites program to ensure that New Mexico's communities are optimally positioned to successfully compete against other states to attract jobs and investment.
NM IDEA supports lengthening the maximum term of State Land Office lessees with municipalities and counties fro economic development projects, which is currently set at 25 years.
NM IDEA supports policies that increase broadband development through public-private partnerships and initiatives, including legislative actions to share infrastructure and access, to create tax policies that incentivize infrastructure development, and to promote the adoption of new technologies.
NM IDEA supports maintaining critical economic development tax credits and making them more accessible for qualifying entities.
NM IDEA supports funding the Economic Development Grant Program to build lcoal economic development capacity.
NM IDEA Supports continued funding and support of critical economic development programs.

Legislative Updates

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Eric Montgomery

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Jason Espinoza

NM IDEA Lobbyist


Promoting New Mexico's economic growth through focused advocacy of economic development issues, providing networking, professional development, education, and training opportunities for its members.

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