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NM IDEA is an association composed of professional industrial and economic development professionals and other interested in, and a part of, the development process in New Mexico.

NM IDEA's purpose is to enhance and assist the professional growth of its members and to promote, assist and enhance the expansion of the New Mexico economy. These objectives are met, in part, by the exchange of ideas regarding principals, practices, and ethics of the development process. The association fosters and encourages the expansion of existing industry and the location of new firms in New Mexico. It lends support, counsel and cooperation with other organizations in efforts to improve the general industrial, business and economic environment of the state. The organization provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and stimulates cooperation among its members.

Membership Levels

Premier Partner









Any individual responsible for, or interested in, the stimulation of new employment and new income in the State of New Mexico shall be eligible, as well as other individuals representing career fields not specifically stated above. Applications for membership must be approved by a majority of the NM IDEA Board of Directors.


We adhere to the Code of Ethics as defined by the International Economic Development Council. Click here to read the full IEDC Code of Ethics.

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