Which Economic Recovery Tool is Right for You?

Programs that may apply to you if your business is...

Maintaining or even expanding headcount?

  • EIDL Loan with up to $10,000 grant advance
  • Payroll Protection Program (forgiveable loand, short-term cash injection for payroll). You can find eligible lenders here. You can also find the US Chamber Small Business Guide and Checklist here.
  • ERTC - Employee Retention (refundable) Tax Credit (preserves cash and/or back-end cash flow. No loan application today. Augmented for <100 EE/HC)
  • Employer Side Social Security Deferral (preserves cash, no loan application today)

Open, keeping your head above water?

In a position to restore headcount by June 30 (ideally with a re-hire ramp starting by 5/1)?

In need of liquidity and working capital?

Looking to cover non-payroll operating expenses?

Looking to retain workforce by offering paid sick leave to employees impacted by COVID-19?

Hunkering down with shuttered operations (yet with strong business fundamentals)?

Mid-Market New Mexico companies with >40 employees and strong business fundamentals?

Special thanks to the City of Rio Rancho Economic Development Department for pulling together this information. To see the full at-a-glance decision matrix, click here.